Keynote: "Curiosity, Passion, and Relationships"
Date & Time
Friday, July 12, 2024, 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM
Josh Seiden & Harrison Chad

Meet Josh Seiden and Harrison Chad, a dynamic duo with unique and versatile backgrounds. Josh, the founder of Not Your Average Leadership, is a magician who has performed across the country from Madison Square Garden to the Vegas strip, a magic consultant for The Carbanaro Effect and a behavior expert whose work has impacted hundreds of thousands of kids. Harrison’s voice has been heard by millions of kids around the globe as the original voice of Boots the Monkey, Disney’s Tarzan, and many more in his 25 year career as an actor. Josh and Harrison also produce events for SO Fun City which provides inclusive social and emotional learning programs to kids. Together they travel the country giving high energy interactive keynotes and professional development sessions with never before seen team building exercises that wow and motivate educators and staff through edu-tainment. Their sessions explain the importance of curiosity, relationships, and passion when working with children, all rooted in the science of human behavior. Their dynamic pops on-stage and in conference rooms all over the country leading people to learn, grow, elevate, all while smiling and having fun!

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